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Summer’s End

Waiting, watching, still
my child is going away
Summer is ending…


light on my feet in winter

tonight i will dance
an ancient tale of spirit
to warm winter’s chill
with flash of silver gliding
through dark, smoky rooms
funky drum beats lead the way…


a winters’ mourning

Let freedom ring!
child of liberty,
the bell tolls for thee,
whose way to eternity is paved with lead.

No fallen soldier or hero in battle
would make you thus,
an emblem of sorrow,
or price of victory.

While cries …


In between

Nothing is finished
liminal space between worlds
waiting, watching, still…


Oh the places you’ll go!

Summer passed in a blur of heat, activity, travel. From Vancouver to Rome, Syracuse to Portland, I pontificated, sketched and calligraphed my way in and out of classrooms, lingering in Austin only for days at a time to catch my …