Doin’ Lines

We write in lines as if to say we can herd our thoughts along a linear flowing path.

My own writing wants to go in circles and make diving leaps here and there, following its own way to who knows where. More labyrinthian than linear, I like to wander as I write, taking the line out for a walk or run. All the time playing with the space between, above and around the marks i make.

As I once described Glen Epstein’s calligraphy for his website, I want writing which laughs out loud and tumbles out of line; lettering which dances and cavorts across the page to the beat of some swanky rhythm. Outrageous, delicate, sensuous LINES.

I line up my books on the shelves and put everything back in its place today after another round of teaching.  I will soon leave to wait in line to gather up my gaggle of middle school girls, aghast that I have become a car-pool, mini-van driving mom.

The lines of tree branches–barren but daring a bud or two here and there–dance in shadows on my paper studio blinds.

As Kaz Tanahashi writes:

“You can’t hide anything in a line. you are there whatever line you draw. And you will stay there, even when you go somewhere else.If your personality is interesting enough, the line will be interesting. To do this, you have to be fearless.”  Brush Mind by Kaz Tanahashi

Enough lines for one day-well until I stare at my face in a mirror 🙂

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